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Typewriter used by professional freelance copywriter Wolfgang Franke, who accepts web content assignments from clients who demand nothing less than the best website copywriters in Canada.

Headline news on the failings of the typical website copywriter

Do you know why you are reading this sentence? It's simple. The headline caught your interest.

Yet the average website page has no headline or say-nothing headlines like "Welcome". This happens all the time because the average website copywriter has no training or interest in what drives readership and, by extension, response, sales and profits.

Then there is me. I know how to write a headline because I am a journalist by training and have studied what makes a great headline. It is no secret, actually. There are ten proven, market tested headline formats and you will find one in anything written by the world's best freelance copywriters.

What you will never get from me is a "blind headline", the most common copywriting mistake made by copywriters with little or no professional writing training. What's a blind headline? It's a headline that gives you no clue about the content in the accompanying story. Worse still, it gives you no reason to be interested.

Still unconvinced? Imagine if you received a newspaper with no headlines? Would you read it? Not likely.

Then there is the connection between website ranking and web page headlines. A website page with a headline that is interesting and relevant will rank better than a website with an empty-calorie, say-nothing headline. Better ranking means not only more traffic, but also higher quality (more likely to response) traffic. I should know because the websites I have written generate thousands of sales and inquiries annually.

That's what the client wants. Give it to them.

PS: Watch for my next copywriting blog on blind openings to radio ads and blind taglines – killer mistakes by inferior writers that cost clients millions and get advertising agencies and marketing companies fired.

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