BLOG 003

Slimey car sales person, the image typically associated with car television commercials featuring bad copywriting.

Inflating sales with a breakthrough advertising concept for new car purchases

If you have seen one car commercial, you have seen them all. They all look pretty much the same and they all follow the same basic copywriting formula: introduce the brand, promote latest features, claim market dominance (however narrow), close with time sensitive call to action.

The visuals are equally predictable: car moving fast/slow in beautiful landscape, happy driver in car, quick cuts of latest bells and whistles, close with car driving away, ideally with leaves floating ever so gently in the air. Substitute celebrity for driver, if budget (and marketing strategy) permits.


Inflatable featured in television car commercial for Carvana that does not all the usual copywriter mistakes and actually breaks new ground in terms of copywriting for television.

Then there is Carvana. This is the most inventive and fun car commercial I have seen in years. It has no celebrity (alright, alright, alright!) and while car drivers appear, they are secondary. The star is a humanized Inflatable Tube Man, who is brought to life with blowing air and serves as a kind of Greek Chorus while car buyers experience everything that is bad about buying a car at the dealership.

The Inflatable Tube Man goes home, where he is met by his equally cute Inflatable Tube Family, and looks online for a new way to buy a car (the brilliantly clear promise of benefit) and finds, presto, Carvana. There is no dealership, no dealer double talk and no wasted time trying to find the most competitive price. Carvana makes it easy to find the best price and, best of all, the purchased car is delivered to the buyer.

Who knew that a blow hard would be the perfect spokesman for a breakthrough car commercial?

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