Wolfgang Franke (aka WolfWrite, aka copywriter for hire)

Sales boosting, market expanding, soul enriching copywriting, baked fresh daily.

Place your order today for five words that say a thousand things – or five hundred that make a single point. I can do that because my professional experience touches every base: journalism, marketing, advertising and public relations.

I have made people a lot of money – and I have touched hearts. Both are important, you know. More than ever. Operators are waiting for your inquiries. Actually it will be me or my wife, otherwise known as the Vice President of Everything.

Copywriting work samples? You just got one. Many more available, on request.

Inquiries welcome from advertising and marketing agencies seeking freelance copywriting help – and with a copywriter budget that is not measured in hundreds of dollars. 24-hour turnaround with appropriate hike in compensation. Not interested in pay-per-word assignments as I am paid (and trained) to use the least words possible. We reserve the right to not accept copywriting assignments from micro-managing creative directors or I-know-best marketing managers. I would rather golf or curl, depending on the season. Have a nice day.

Yea, I did that.