Old fashioned typewriter, which Toronto copywriter Wolfgang Franke used in the early years of his copywriting career, which now involves accepting freelance copywriting assignments from businesses large and small as well as advertising agencies, marketing companies, public relation firms.

Free copywriting samples. Limit three per customer

Sample #1

Client: Superior Bath Reno, Kitchen and bathroom contractor

Assignment: Tagline, copywriting, graphic concept

Creative brief: Create a tagline that plays on the emotional appeal of a home renovation project.

Tagline: You dream it. We build it.

  See the logo  

Sample #2

Client: WTA Media (UK), Universal Logistics (Canada)

Assignment: Trade show booth signage

Creative brief: Two separate treatments, one to position the clients as the best of the best, the other to present key selling points.

Concept: Book #1 (Best of the best), Nothing else stacks up (Key selling points)

  See the posters  

Sample #3

Client: Universal Logistics

Assignment: Video script

Creative brief: Present the value added offered by Universal Logistics.

The Concept: Getting from A to B is as simple as one, two, three

  See the video  

Sample #4

Client: Upper York School

Assignment: Point of Sale Roll-up banners

Creative brief: Communicate that there are no limits for students of Upper York School.

The Concept: Anything is possible

  See the banners  

Sample #5

Client: Upper York School

Assignment: Script for video, based on my interviews of the people featured in the video

Creative brief: Separate Upper York School from competing private schools.

The Concept: A world of difference

  See the video  

Sample #6

Client: Home renovation company

Assignment: Branding, copywriting

Creative brief: Create a brand for a new home renovation company and supporting tagline that can be trade marked.

The Concept: renOmazing

Supporting tagline: Better Prices. Better Contractors

  See the logo  

Sample #7

Client: The Fish House, Canada's largest fresh fish and seafood restaurant

Assignment: Copywriting, tagline, graphic concept

Creative brief: Promote the unmatched selection

Tagline: Fresh Fish. Every Day. Any Way

  See outdoor transit ad   featuring the tagline.

Sample #8

Client: Canadian Privacy Institute

Assignment: Print ad, creative concept, copywriting, graphic concept

Creative brief: Highlight importance of protecting customer and employee information.

Concept: Protect your private parts

  See the print ad  

Sample #9

Client: Munich Reinsurance

Assignment: Advertising campaign concept, copywriting, graphic design

Creative brief: Demonstrate the company's ability and interest in handling even the biggest risks.

Concept: Communicate risk with dramatic imagery not usually seen in reinsurance advertising, combined with a simple, but powerful headline.

  See the print ad   that launched the campaign.

See the second ad in the print advertising campaign, introducing the company's web url.

Sample #10

Client: Universal Logistics, freight forwarding and customs brokerage

Assignment: Tagline, copywriting

Creative brief: Develop a line that makes two promises of benefit – one related to improved routing of freight, the other related to improved decision making.

Tagline: Take the right route

  See the logo  

Sample #11

Client: Hockey Helps the Homeless, Registered Charity supported by our client, Universal Logistics

Assignment: Print ad in support of the charity, copywriting and graphic design

Creative brief: Highlight the need for support with a headline and concept related to hockey.

Headline and concept: The puck stops here

  See the print ad  

Sample #12

Client: Svengali Salon

Assignment: Branding, tagline and copywriting for print campaign

Creative brief: Mirror what clients want from the salon – look attractive, sexy, fun.

Concept: When photos taken by a professional photographer produced nothing interesting, I grabbed a sheet of white background paper and wrapped it around several members of the salon. "Now imagine if we did the same shot with everyone naked (sort of)," I said. They loved the idea and we got the shot, which I then matched with a supporting ying-yang tagline in the same spirit as the photo.

  See the print ad   that established the new branding.

Sample #13

Client: Automotive Training Centres

Assignment: Print advertising campaign, copywriting, graphic design

Creative brief: Rebrand the client's advertising to make it more authentic and appealing to individuals interested in becoming an automobile mechanic.

Concept: Get your hands dirty

  See a print ad   introducing the new branding.

Sample #14

Client: Le Biftheque

Assignment: Billboard, Copywriting

Creative brief: Remind meat lovers that their favorite food is right around the corner.

Concept: Great Meating Place

  See the billboard  

Sample #15

Client: Svengali Salon

Assignment: Print ad, copywriting, graphic design

Creative brief: Promote trial of the salon services with a concept that sells the experience and promotes sex appeal desired by salon customer.

Concept: Everyone remembers their first time

  See the print ad  

Sample #16

Client: Collection Group of Canada

Assignment: Email blast, copywriting, graphic design

Creative brief: Attract new clients interested in hiring a collections company that collects more overdue accounts at reduced cost.

Concept: More collections. Less commissions

  See email blast  

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